Music Under the Stars

Live music  7 nights a week all summer!

Mon, May 15   Richard Cross
Tue, May 16   Open Mic with David Jacquest
Wed, May 17   Vaughn Fulford
Thur, May 18   Kaizen Jammers
Fri, May 19   Duck Creak
Sat, May 20   Bob Fest VIII
Sun, May 21   Everyday People and Paul LeCorre
Mon, May 22   Early Spirit
Tue, May 23   Open Mic with Richard Cross
Wed, May 24   The Racket
Thur, May 25   Gene Grooms
Fri, May 26   Bare Foot Thieves
Sat, May 27   The Costners
Sun, May 28   Susan Cogan
Mon, May 29   Terry Warbey
Tue, May 30   Open Mic with David Jacquest
Wed, May 31   Buck Dodgers