Music Under the Stars

Live music  7 nights a week all summer!

Mon, July 17   Ben Sures
Tue, July 18   Open Mic with David Jacquest 
Wed, July 19    Vaughn Fulford
Thur, July 20   Furry Folk Fest
Fri, July 21   Graham Devarrow
Sat, July 22   Everyday People
Sun, July 23   Brent Shindell
Mon, July 24   Bug Guts
Tue, July 25   Open Mic with Richard Cross
Wed, July 26   Chamigos
Thur, July 27   Mike Alviano
Fri, July 28   Duck Creak
Sat, July 29   Arcadian Suns
Sun, July 30   Atom Lazare
Mon, July 31   Harry Warner and Friends 
Tue, Aug 1   Open Mic with David Jacquest
Wed, Aug 2   Terry Warbey
Thur, Aug 3   Mapstone
Fri, Aug 4   Sharon Bailey
Sat, Aug 5    Synergy
Sun, Aug 6   Jennis
Mon, Aug 7   Early Spirit
Tue, Aug 8   Open Mic with Richard Cross
Wed, Aug 9   Auntie Kate, Brent Shindell and Dave Rolland
Thur, Aug 10   Billie Woods
Fri, Aug 11   Tequilla Mockingbird Orchistra
Sat, Aug 12   Luke Wallace
Sun, Aug 13   Sean Ashbey
Mon, Aug 14   Vaughn Fulford
Tue, Aug 15   Open Mic with David Jacquest
Wed, Aug 16   Scott Cook
Thur, Aug 17   TBA
Fri, Aug 18   Brent Shindell
Sat, Aug 19   Julia Beattie
Sun, Aug 20   Alan Moberg