Music Under the Stars

Last night of music is Sept 24

Fri, Sept 1   Valdy
Sat, Sept 2   A Neil Young Harvest
Sun, Sept 3   Duck Creek
Mon, Sept 4   Chamigos
Tue, Sept 5   Open Mic with Richard Cross
Wed, Sept 6   Sasha Rose
Thur, Sept 7   Doug and the Thugs
Fri, Sept 8   Marianne Grittani
Sat, Sept 9   Happy Daze
Sun, Sept 10   Aaron Trory 
Mon, Sept 11   Denny Mccue and Ron Cooke
Tue, Sept 12   Open Mic with David Jacquest
Wed, Sept 13   Susan Cogan and Jerome Jarvis
Thur, Sept 14   Sky Valley
Fri, Sept 15   Aidan Miller
Sat, Sept 16   The Kaizenjammers
Sun, Sept 17   Everyday People
Mon, Sept 18   Terry Warbey
Tue, Sept 19   Open Mic with Richard Cross
Wed, Sept 20   Harry Warner
Thur, Sept 21   Vaughn Fulford
Fri, Sept 22   Buck Dodgers
Sat, Sept 23   Richard Cross
Sun, Sept 24   Adam, Gwen and Friends